Across Atlantic Ice: The Origin of Americas Clovis Culture

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  • Across Atlantic Ice: The Origin of America's Clovis Culture.
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A major, groundbreaking work on early European migration to North America. Who were the first humans to inhabit North America?

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According to the now familiar story, mammal hunters entered the continent some 12, years ago via a land bridge that spanned the Bering Sea. The presence of these early New World people was established by distinctive stone tools belonging to the Clovis culture. The diet of Preclovis was definitely more maritime-oriented, and the dates are closer in time to Solutrean by a couple of thousand years—15, years ago instead of Clovis's 11,, but still short of 22, Preclovis stone technology is not the same as Clovis or Solutrean technologies, and the discovery of ivory beveled foreshafts at the Yana RHS site in Western Beringia has further lessened the strength of the technology argument.

Finally, and perhaps most compellingly, there is a growing body of molecular evidence from modern and ancient indigenous American people indicating that the original population of the Americas have an Asian, and not a European, origin. Share Flipboard Email.

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Kris Hirst. Kris Hirst is an archaeologist with 30 years of field experience.

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Updated November 16, Borrero, Luis Alberto. Boulanger, Matthew T. Bradley, Bruce, and Dennis Stanford.

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    Be this as it may, the most important argument against the Solutrean hypothesis does not directly come from archaeology but from genetics. It seems that the genomes of the present native Americans are clearly of Asian origin, rather than European though the lineages are far from offering a clear picture, and some mitochondrial DNA from north-west American natives seems not to be of eastern Asian origin, but more closely related to European or Iranian genomes.

    Unfortunately, there is basically no human remains in America dating from before But it is curious that there are almost no human Solutrean remains in Europe as well whereas we have relatively many human bones from the Aurignacian and Magdalenian times, the periods immediately before and after the Solutrean. It seems that the people inhabiting Spain and France at around Perhaps they burned them or leave them to the wild beast.

    It is, in any case, another striking similarity at both sides of the Ocean.

    Across Atlantic Ice: The Origin of America’s Clovis Culture

    There is also the possibility that the authors of the Clovis culture were not the ancestors of more modern American natives but were displaced by people crossing Beringia some thousands of years after the former reached the New World. But of course, the absence of evidence is not evidence of anything. In conclusion, it is not clear at all whether the Solutrean conjecture about the origin of the Clovis culture is right or wrong, but if it is true, it would be a profound irony of history that the name of the first known tool makers of America derives from that of the first king of the Franks: Chlodovechus.

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    Lauber, Patricia, Who Came First? New Clues to Prehistoric Americans. Washington, D.

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