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So, anyone knows what you get for providing this evidence? I personally think Dpotop deserves a barnstar from Node, as well as a written apology for attempting to mislead the Wikipedia community - Anclation. Following the long waited reply from the customer service of yahoo.

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Here is the message I received from the customer service of yahoo. Also, note that the "screen shot" below features a signature by yahoo. We know now that the signature is forged. So, either some super-spy cracked yahoo. Shouldn't this guy be banned? Dpotop , 26 July UTC. You should take it up with an Administrator, as I saw Jmabel described such forgery as an extremely grave offensive against Wikipedia standards. Node's foul tactics should certainly not go unpunished.

Mark, I'm wondering On Wikipedia-I mailing list, at Dpotop's denonciation of your email the Harassment on wikipedia thread , you simply stated, and I quote: "I never sent you such an e-mail. So, I'm just wondering, where did you lie? On Wikipedia-I or on Meta? Landroni , 19 July UTC. As we say in Bulgaria - the thief is yelling "capture the thief".

Probably it would not happen. Node ue is not only "alone against many", he is also insulted many many times from what I see on mo. So I can only admire him for keeping more or less within the limits given the ammount of fire he gets.

Romanian Language: Moldova v Romania? | Tsar Experience

Personally I tolerate personal attacks written in anger and haste to a greater degree than cynical, meassured provocations, which can't get you kicked out of Wikipedia like the PAs, but often cause greater anger. Does this sound like a real stretch of imagination to you? In that case, consider this: Would you judge a politedly worded post denying that the Holacaust ever happened to be less offensive than a following post telling the first user where to shove his demented ideas?

It's about actually considering how those well-written and seemingly polite posts of Node actually read to many Romanians, as many see a history-revision, a white-wash of Soviet crimes in Moldova and a portrayal of Romanians as aggressors, occupants and imperialists in regards to Moldova. So don't try to portray Node as the lone voice of civility and objectivity here, when he is and he must be fully aware of this constantly provoking a whole community.

BTW, I would advice you to take a look at the discussion revolving around the closure of the Zhuang Wikipedia. Observe how Node has written several hysterical posts meant to be taken as attacks and insults against a dissenting user, only that the words he uses aren't really insults in themselves, thus avoiding being blocked for Personal Attacks. A creative way of finding a way around that rule, while maintaining the disruptive effects of PAs.

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That's how he's keeping within the limits, while offending and annoying many users all the same. And now I can get to your point, as you pretty much accused me of being a hypocrite: The thing is that Dpotop had never challenged anybody to provide evidence of his alledged and always denied by him anti-Moldovan or anti-Node sentiments. Node on the other hand always denied being anti-Romanian even though this mail was far from the first time he slipped up and revealed his true feelings and had challenged users to prove him wrong at the very top of his userpage.

I was merely pointing this out, and further adding my views about what public consequences this should have. Considering that my impression of Node is that he is a very dishonest person, I'm not inclined to pass judgement on Dpotop as of now. Node has on the other hand already confirmed the validity of his mail, so if you had in mind to ask me why I don't give Node benefit of doubt in the same way, don't. So, a handful of less than constructive users lead you to making this sort of generalization?

This Bonaparte character is not representative of the community, and various Romanian users have over the months tried to calm him down and keep him from giving Romania a bad name with his actions it has unfortunately proved futile. As I have seen way too many times the word "Anti-Romanian" as the only argument in this discussion I am seeing it as a Romanian kill-the-opponent rally instead of constructive debate.

Hope I am wrong on this one but it actually "Fratele Judge for yourself whether I have some grounds for the generalization. It is dreadful to think about Transylvanian, the native language of many Magyar ethnics living in the Western area of Romania known as Transylvania. This creole is utterly neglected by all regulating bodies, while being actively spoken and written by a vibrant community of lovely, hard-working people.

Wouldn't it be wonderful, and in the interest of all, if the Romanian Academy made a selfless step towards helping these poor people? Is there any stone-hearted individual here who would not be moved by such a noble undertaking? My proposal essentially consists of setting up a regulating body in Bucharest for this neglected language. Of course, given the technical and social problems inherent to dealing with this, some compromise must be reached.

One of the most acute problems is that of the alphabet. It would be unthinkable to suddenly start using letters unknown to the dominant Romanians. Also, some of the words used predominantly under their Romanian form will automatically be mandatory in Transylvanian, instead of their Magyar counterparts. A fitting set of words will be wisely chosen by our Romanian linguists expert panel. For Hungarian citizens visiting from abroad, a Magyar-Transylvanian dictionary will be made available, courtesy of the Romanian Government. I profess, in the sincerity of my heart, that I have not the least personal interest in endeavoring to promote this necessary work, having no other motive than the public good of my country.

NOTE : As I expect many Ro users to be at least intrigued by the existence of the Cyrillic transliteration, and to prevent moving the "war" to RoWiki or even mass-media, sadly but possible , I also propose a link from the main page to a locked page explaining what happened here.

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But this is just a personal POV. If anyone has the transliteration rules, in any format URL, html, pdf, doc etc. If you have a book, please scan the relevant pages if you can. I can read in English, French and Romanian both Latin and Cyrillic scripts , or I could use an online translator for the other languages if the format allows select-copy action eg. Thank you.

Sample text in Cyrillic alphabet

Strong support I strongly support deletion or freezing of it, in this way we get rid of all the anti-romanians from this wikipedia. Fratele lui Bonaparte, il cunosti? I don't think so. I see the proposal, then 80 support votes, then 40 oppose votes, then a lot of more or less subjective comments and all sorts of proposals. So, I have a simple question: where do we stand? Was the vote for nothing?

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Is this some kind of a joke? We're called to vote just so you whoever that is can then say: "we'll ignore your vote"?

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I would like an answer from somebody than can actually close mo. Thank you and I'm sorry for any English errors I made. Hi everybody, since some of the "support" votes were based on the fact that no native users were present, I have sent some e-mails to various Transnistrian people to request their assistance on the project. So far I got only a handful of responses, and only a single result user Elk19 , who is apparently not a native speaker as I had previously believed. However, my question is, is native user participation enough to silence most of the controversy over this Wiki?

I know that most opposition is based on the "this isn't a language" argument, but I don't think that can stand up by itself without the support of the more logical argument advanced mainly by Dpotop. I believe it is time to close this vote. Originally it was intended to remain open for two weeks and a few months later still no conclusion has been reached.

What language do Moldovan people speak and why? Where is Moldova?

Whatever further deliberations will take place among the board members, this vote should be considered closed, after all it cannot go on forever. Voting on a subject like this is proving extreme prejudice. It is discriminatory to suggest that people cannot have their information in the language as they use it.

It is irrelevant how this came about; they are people who are denied information because of politics.

What is relevant that there is no alternative on offer. To the winner all the spoils. From Meta, a Wikimedia project coordination wiki. The following discussion is closed: The result was to close the Moldovan Wikipedia.

In Moldova, speaking the wrong language once had serious consequences

The proper naming of the official language spoken in Moldova is sometimes a matter of debate, even among ethnic Moldovans, as some insist upon calling the language Moldovan, while others acknowledge that it is Romanian. With the exception of a few usage norms, in its standard form it is identical to Romanian. During the Soviet period, the language, exclusively called Moldovan, was written in Cyrillic and hence was clearly distinguishable from Romanian, but with the reversion to Latin script following independence, the distinction between the two disappeared.

One may hear that the language spoken in Moldova is roughly as similar to the one spoken in Romania as American English is to British English, though the difference is that Americans acknowledge their language as being English, without insisting that it be called American. Some people contend that besides the typical regional accent, the main difference between Moldovan and Romanian is that Moldovans intersperse their speech with Russian words.

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