Particle Physics (Graduate Texts in Physics)

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Please write substantial answers that detail the style, content, and prerequisites of the book, paper or other resource. Explain the nature of the resource so that readers can decide which one is best suited for them rather than relying on the opinions of others. Answers containing only a reference to a book or paper will be removed! I would definitely recommend David Griffiths' book on particle physics. I don't have my copy with me right now, but as I recall, the book explains what the different particles of the Standard Model are, as well as the various properties of particles that are important in modern particle physics.

It also introduces the basics of quantum field theory, just enough to allow you to calculate cross sections and decay rates for various reactions. Toward the end, it shows you the basic ideas behind spontaneous symmetry breaking and the Higgs mechanism, which shows you where this prediction of the Higgs boson comes from.

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If you want to get into more mathematical detail, another book I could recommend is Halzen and Martin. It dates back to but the physics is still basically correct. I've found that that book takes a lot more effort to work through - that is, you actually have to slow down and think about what you're reading, and work through some of the math, but as long as you put the time in, the understanding you gain is well worth it. Griffiths seems to be a crowd favourite. Its last edition is from , so it is not really that outdated.

The book misses some new physics though, and it is sometimes slightly superficial, so here are some other very good options:. Cottingham, Greenwood.

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It does not assume previous QFT knowledge, but it only reviews it somewhat superficially. The thorough discussion is on particle physics, and when it comes to that, it is pretty detailed and up-to-date e. Quantum Field Theory and the Standard Model. It does not assume previous QFT knowledge.

Particle Accelerator Physics Graduate Texts in Physics

The first two thirds of the book introduce the techniques of QFT in a lot of detail but with a very student-friendly approach , and the last third discusses particle physics. In this third part the author relies on all the QFT techniques presented beforehand to get into a rather deep analysis of the Standard Model and extensions thereof.

Particle Physics

The chapter on the precision tests of the SM is particularly good. Modern Particle Physics. The philosophy is similar to Schwartz, but somewhat less detailed in the presentation of the principles of QFT. The relation between theory and experiments is more stressed throughout the text, though, instead of being relegated to the last chapters.

It seems a better option if you are more interested in particle physics than pure QFT. An Introductory Course of Particle Physics. The book spends the first half presenting the principles of QFT, and the second half the current state of particle physics. The book is surprisingly complete and detailed. Off the top of my head, I cannot think of a topic that it is not covered there. By the same token, the book is rather long, so it might be too much depending on what you are looking for.

Electroweak Theory. It does assume previous QFT knowledge. The main topic is, as its name suggests, the electroweak interactions, but it touches on strong interactions as well. All in all, the book does a great job at presenting the current state of particle physics, and it is pretty up-to-date. Martin, Shaw. Particle Physics. It provides a quick review of perturbative QFT techniques sometimes relegated to the appendices , but the bulk of the book revolves around pure particle physics.

Very complete and thorough, yet accessible. The chapter on experimental methods is very good. Giunti, Kim. Fundamentals of Neutrino Physics and Astrophysics. This book contains essentially all there is to know about neutrinos, both theory and experiments. Lie algebras in particle physics. A classical text on group theory. Very mathematically oriented, with almost no discussion of actual particles. It nevertheless includes all the mathematics needed to understand particle physics.

Written by one of the big names in physics. Group Theory: A Physicist's Survey. Same as before, but modern. Also one of the big names in physics. Modern Quantum Mechanics Sep 21 Sakurai and Jim Napolitano.

Graduate Texts in Physics: Particle Physics by Anwar Kamal (2014, Hardcover)

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  • Graduate Texts in Physics: Particle Physics by Anwar Kamal (2014, Hardcover).
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